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ehhhh... [21 Sep 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Sorry for being a total n00b and not updating in forever x_X Just a lot's been going on. I'm not gonna go into a whole detail of how school's been going, because you can easily check out my site to read my archives. But in a nutshell, I had kind of a rocky start (if you consider dreading going to school more than any time I can remember EVER 'rocky') but now I'm really into it. I really, really like it there. Actually, in the last few days I've had splitting headaches in the morning and didn't want to leave school! 0.o *twilight zone music* Anyways, tonight Carmen is flying in! If you don't know who Carmen is, she's a family friend who I just usually refer to as my sister (she's been with my family since I was in my mom's stomach). She lives in LA and has about a two week vacation before starting her new movie (it's called "War of the Worlds" and the director is Steven Spielburg O.O) so she's coming up for a week visit. (LOL, and just in case you're wondering: NO, she isn't a movie star, she's a 2nd directors assistant - she's worked on Terminator 2 and 3 and both Tomb Raiders).

Aaanyways, lately I've been working more on Plaza Suite. I've been working like crazy trying to find and prepare props and then a few days ago we got the official posters, so I've been working on getting those up in my mom's antique shop and all the little art cafe's around town. In fact, I need to call Scott and ask for some mini posters to hand out to my teachers so they'll come. Last night at rehearsal we finally decided on the wedding dress, shoes, and veil. I won't even know until probably 2 rehearsals before what my hair and makeup will be like... Ahh! So much work and planning for a 30 second scene! lol jeez. Anyways, right now I SHOULD be cleaning my room... So I'm off to do that. Later.

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Hola [23 Aug 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Well I got my braces off a few days ago, and now I have my retainer. I'm on a mission to have blindingly white teeth, so I've been brushing my teeth 2-3 times a day since I got them off. I'm glad because I got one of those clear ones, not one of those annoying metal wire ones 0.o In fact... I'm going to go brush my teeth right now, BRB. ...*five minutes later* K I'm back :D lol. Well, unfortunately there's only 8 days of summer left. Ughhhh the horror, oh the horror. But hey, I'm starting a new school, it'll be fun. Besides... There might be some hot guys on my bus, lmao. Gah but it's so annoying, all the ML people act like I'm moving away and they'll never see me again. I LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE! I'M 5 MINUTES FROM ML! I'll probably still be hanging out with my ML friends like every other weekend or more! Come on, I know you're depressed I'm leaving, but control yourself ;D

My new room in the office is so awesome, my bed and everything is moved in and the closet should be finished tomorrow, so I can move all my clothes and the rest of the stuff in. It's awesome! LOL I've got enough room on the floor to do my yoga in the privacy of my own room :P Now I need to get some posters to decorate my walls, lol there was like no wall space in my old "room", so I don't even have any posters, lol. ...I also need a calendar and a bulletin board. I'm gonna be really busy this year, especially from like September until November. I have EWU theatre, rehearsals for "Plaza Suite", drama club, auditions for the Civic, probably dance, and to top it off homework. Sheesh. But hey, I like being busy, I'm one of those weird people that likes filling out planners with all my little appointments and whatnot, lmao.

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Hola [15 Aug 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Ooh tomorrow I get my braces off! 2:00!!! I CAN'T WAIT! But gah right now my arm hurts like a bitch and I don't know why. Ughhh. The last few days we've been moving my room into the office. It's so awesome. We've basically got like half of the room done, like my bed and couch and desk, and we're working on the door and the closet and stuff. It's so big. I could easily fit 5 friends sleeping over comfortably. And I finally have my computer in here and a big desk and big shelves, and a couch and chair and everything. Tomorrow I'll move my tv and dvd player in and hopefully get my stereo in... I just need to figure out where to put it. Ooh and as soon as I get money, I'm gonna buy a little mini fridge, those are so cool!

I need to sell a buncha stuff on Ebay in the next few days, because basically all my mom will buy me for school are like 3 pairs of jeans. If I want new clothes or shoes, I need to buy them myself. Fine with me though, it's not like I can't make my own money. Besides, if it's MY money, I can buy whatever I want and as much as I want, so... go me, lol. The last thing I sold on Ebay I put on for $9 and it sold for $25, so if I sell like 8 things (and trust me, I've got plenty of good things to sell) for $25 each I'll have a nice $200 to spend on school clothes and a pair of purple Phat Farms. Welll I should prolly go to sleep since... Well I don't really have a reason I'm just bored. So 'night.

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Chester the Molester [07 Aug 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Wow today was... funny. At like 1:00 I went over to Cortnee's house, and me, her, and Brittany just sat around for a while. At 3:00 Brittany went home and me and Cortnee decided to go down to the skate park. Victor called and said he wouldn't be there for about an hour, but that was cool, so we just hung out at the benches calling people and whatnot. All of a sudden we saw this NASTY guy walking toward the skatepark, then he looked over, saw us sitting, and did like a complete turn and started walking toward us. He was SO gross, so me and Cortnee were trying to hard not to laugh. So then when he walked up to us the conversation was basically

Him: Whatsup?
Us: Um, nothing... Um, how old are you?
Him: 17.
Us: Oh that's cool.
Him: So what is there to do around here other than skateboard? It's not really my thing...
Us: Nothing... Well you could go to the lake.
Him: What do people do there?
Us: Uh, swim...
Him: Any malls?
Us: Yeah, downtown...
Him: Movie theares?
Us: Also downtown...
Him: Any place to get some weed?
Us: Uh yeah, here.

At this point in time Victor comes walking down the street, and I don't remember what the guy was saying because I was focused on discreetly mouthing [b]HELP ME[/b] to Victor. When Victor walked up to us the guy (who we later named "Chester the Molester") started talking to him about hooking him up with some weed. We took this opportunity to run over and hide in the jungle gym, lol, only of course until Victor had to use my cell phone for drug business -__-;; So then we all sat down (with me and Cortnee uncomfortably sitting as far from Chester as possible). After some uncomfortable conversation and Emily arriving at the park he left to go get some money. We sat there talking about how scary he was for a while, then we mentioned that we should run away when we saw him come back... so we did, lmao. For the next half hour we were running like hell all over 2 blocks, and every time we thought we'd lost him he'd turn the corner. Finally we went back to the park and Victor's sister came over and started talking to him, finally Chester found us and went over and gave the money to Victor. Victor told us he'd be back, and then left. Me, Cortnee, and Emily sat around for a while on the swings then went over to sit next the ramps and talk to some of these cute little 6th graders, lol.

After like FOREVER, Chester left, then like 10 minutes later Victor came back, and pretty soon after that our friend Jeff came over. It was cool for like the half hour that it was just us hanging out, then Lindsey, Lacey, and Jessica Klesh came over. It's not that I don't like them - they're really cool - it's just that every time they see me and Cortnee with like Victor or Jeff or anyone they just kind of act like we aren't there, or give us that "Why are they hanging out with YOU?" attitude. Well there was this kid with them that looked like he was 50 years old and belonged on a Florida golf course, lmfao. You could tell he was just acting and dressing like that to be weird (something me and Cortnee would do...), so it was really funny. Finally, following Victor's GRACIOUS request, me, him, Cortnee, and Jeff left and walked over to the benches. For the rest of the time we were just sitting there talking (mostly me, Jeff, and Victor arguing over whether I'm innocent or not :P). Finally at 8:00 we left to go back to Cortnee's house, and I left at 9:00.

I'm scared of Chester the Molester. He's gonna come for us in our sleep!

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This Day Sucks [06 Aug 2004|04:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Oh my god. Today is just pissing me off more and more. I had this whole huge paragraph ranting about how me and Cortnee were supposed to hang out, and she never called me and I couldn't get a hold of her. Then she called me and basically the whole conversation pissed me off and god it's just one of those moments where I wanna just fucking go and scream or tear something apart or get high or anything to make me feel better.

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1-800-SKANKY [05 Aug 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Oh jeez. Oh jeez. Wow... I'm... very bad :C Let's start at the beginning: There's this guy Victor who's a year older than me... At the beginning of 7th grade, him, Jack, and Zak were kind of "fighting" over me. I ended up "choosing" Jack and going through a shitty, 3 week relationship. Later that year, maybe about 2 months later, Victor and I started talking more and more, and it led to him liking me again. Well, it was a weird time during the year and even though I liked him too, I didn't wanna start dating him... So I didn't. Near the end of the year, we started talking less and less. Well after about 1 week of summer, I saw him at Founder's Day and we hung out and we clicked again. After about a week of hanging out with him at the skate park and shamelessly flirting, I see him one day and he casually mentions he's going to his girlfriend's house. GIRLFRIEND? Where the hell did that come from? Well it was about a month until I saw him again, because I went to California. The whole time I was in California was littered with the joyful information that Victor and his girlfriend Alyssa had been banging like rabbits since they started going out. -.-;

Monday was the first time I saw him since that little mention of his girlfriend. I was so excited to see him since that whole month the only person I REALLY wanted to see was him. Well when we (meaning me and Cortnee) saw him the first thing of course was to ask him how him and Alyssa were doing. "Uh, good. Grrr. Well there was supposed to be a fight (totally different story...) so the three of us kept circling the block, talking about our summer's and all kinds of other things. Being the not-so-subtle flirter that I am, I mentioned once or twice how weird it was when I found out he was dating Alyssa, and how I was all upset. After that we went back to the skatepark and the rest of the day was pretty much Cortnee and Emily trying to talk to me, me absent-mindedly ignoring them, and giving my full attention to Victor.

The next day when Cortnee, Emily, and I went to the skatepark the first thing I saw was Alyssa at the skatepark. "Oh great... Why can't I have Victor to myself?" I kept thinking. Well, to my surprise (and incredible happiness) when Victor got there he immediately came over and started talking to me. After a while I mentioned that he didn't say Hi to Alyssa yet, and he told me that she pisses him off all the time. He said she always lies to him and that he'll just have to put up with it until he finds a decent excuse to dump her. Wow. That was some interesting information I had just obtained. The excitement I got from that only lasted until I talked to Alyssa of course. About 2 hours later she came over and started talking to me and Emily and Cortnee. Of course, she started talking about how she hopes Victor isn't mad at her and how she'll be so upset if he dumps her. Wow. Can you guess how I felt at that moment? Guilty. Sad. Sorry. Oh, and did I mention skanky? I felt about as slutty as it gets at the moment. Luckily, since I have zero conscience, that feeling didn't last too long.

Yesterday, since Cortnee was gone, I didn't do anything and basically sat around all day. At about 10 pm Victor called and we talked until 2 am. While we were talking, he kept saying things that I couldn't tell if he was hinting me on, or was just talking and didnt mean anything. Like, first the subject of something that happened earlier in the year with Jack and Ray came up. That lead to the subject of cheating. He told me he would never cheat, unless of course there were certain circumstances. He said, "Well, I'm dating Alyssa right? I wouldn't cheat on her, unless say, there was some really hot girl who I had liked for forever and never gone out with me, then all of a sudden is totally into me. Then I'd cheat so fast." Maybe I'm just imagining it, but that hit a little close to home. Next, I was talking about how "no one wants to bump and grind with me" (lmao joke between me and Cort and Victor...) and he was like "Yeah they do I can name 3 people." So I told him to (lol) and he said he would name 2, then I had to guess the last one. He gave me 2 names, then I told him to give me clues for the last one. LOL After listening to the more than obvious clues, I said Victor and he was like "Psh yeah, I'd bump n grind with you so fast." LMAO it was funny actually... But still... THEN, I was talking about how I've never made out before... (Oh go ahead and make fun of me... lol) and he was really surprised. So, half-joking around, I said that my goal for the summer is to make out with someone. I asked him if he had any "summer goals" and he said "a few". I asked him what they were and he said he couldn't tell me, "but I'd find out." ...Maybe I'm just imagining this stuff. Oh, the last thing is that yesterday Alyssa left for Las Vegas. And she'll be gone the rest of the summer. Oh what this last month will hold...

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Desert Island [01 Aug 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

You're stranded on an island.

Not a completely desolate island. More along the lines that the boat delivering supplies only comes once every six months and will never, ever take you home. Decide what you'll bring!

One celebrity: Diego Luna

Two books: Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George, Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler

Three edibles: mac and cheese, fettuccini alfredo, plum dumplings

Four films: Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Zoolander, The Wizard of Oz

Five music albums: Nevermind - Nirvana, Thirty Greatest Hits - The Ramones, College Dropout - Kanye West, All Eyez On Me - 2Pac, Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson

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Ugh... Hatelistings... [31 Jul 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Okay, it's time for Natale to rant now... Topic: Hatelistings. In case you haven't heard, these are the exact opposite of the totally fun and awesome Fanlistings. Instead of showing love and adoration for a subject, Hatelistings are the feeding ground for a bunch of bored people to come and show their "hate" for everything from Amy Lee to bunny rabbits.

I mean, the idea to me is totally ridiculous. Sure, some of the Hatelistings are completely right on and reasonable, like the animal abuse or racism hatelistings, but most of them are about totally stupid things - mainly celebrities. I mean, come on, in most of these sites people are talking about how they hate Hilary Duff or Courtney Love because of "how she acts" and "who she is as a person". Um correct me if I'm wrong but... YOU DON'T KNOW THIS PERSON. Even if you met them at like a concert or something - it's 5 seconds of that person's life - I don't think you can judge their personality on that. And even if you DID personally know them, why would you want to create a HATElisting for them? Hate is such a strong word, why would you want to direct that at someone? Everyone has their flaws - but everyone has really good things about them. I don't wanna sound like a broken record or anything, but it's easy to find something wrong and to hate, what's tough is to find something you like. Why not make a little extra effort to find the good in everyone?

Another thing... Why are you spending your time on something you supposedly "hate"? Why not put things that make you angry out of your mind? Why spend your god given energy on dwelling on something you hate and egging on other people to hate it too? The thing that upsets me is that there are billions of things these people could be doing - and they decide to make a site for something they don't like. Why would you want to do that?

Ugh I probably sound like a damn therapist right now but it's just... AGH!

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Ramblings [30 Jul 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | meh ]

Sorry fora few days without posting... I just haven't felt like it. Ahh the last few days has been... interesting. On Wednesday I went over to Niki's house and me, her, and Sarah hung out down at the lake. We were swimming for a while... Then saw some fish and got scared and just got on the dock and tanned, lol. Oh, I'm so happy, I finally have a tan :D On Tuesday I sat out in the sun on my trampoline for about an hour, so now my skin actually has color. I stayed for dinner at Niki's house and we watched Phantasm, then about 9:30 we went over to my house. We watched Eurotrip - it was so funny. *hums Scotty doesn't know, Scotty doesn't know...* The next day we were planning on going to Laser Quest (laser tag place...) but my mom said she didn't want me there because I still kind of have a cough. Soooo then we decided to see a movie. After calling like 500 people and having them tell us they were busy, Kristen said she could go. So she came over and we went to see Catwoman?. It was actually pretty good - I liked it. That night we went to a basketball game and hung out with some friends. I got to see my friend Maddy, who moved away but is visiting right now, and that was cool. Jeez, John has like an obsession with my cell phone and kept stealing it, lol. Then he took the cover apart and gave like all these people the different pieces. They kept running around and passing the pieces off and it took forever to get it all back.

Today I was being really bitchy and depressed. I still kind of am, but after talking to Marcus for a while he made me feel all better and fuzzy inside. Every once and a while I just have one of those days where I like get all pissed about how all my friends are pretty and popular and can get anyone, and I'm just there on the side like "Oh hi". But hey, I'm done being depressed so might as well move on with a happy life.

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New Look [25 Jul 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I decided to give this journal a new look, that bright pink was getting waaay obnoxious - even for my standards. I like the blue - nice and calm. My dad and I went to see Dodgeball today, and it was actually really good. I was kind of expecting it to be kind of lame, but actually it was funny. But I got a stomach ache from the damn popcorn. That concession stand food is funky like a batch of old collard greens.

Ugh but my computer is acting like the stupidest thing since edited rap albums. I've been running SpyHunter every day for like a week, and every day it finds and deletes all these virus things, and it doesn't help at all. This computer gets like 500 billion popups every second, and sometimes it randomly just shuts down. I have to be careful what sites I go to in case they trigger a huge popup attack. And it's not like the entire computer, it's just my user account. It works fine on my dad's and brother's user accounts. Oh well, I'll just make a new user account... It'll just suck having to re-download all of my programs. Ughhhh.

Oh yeah - exciting news: I get my braces off August 16th! Wooo after 2 1/2 looong years, I have redemption! Good lord I'm so glad I'm getting them off before school starts. Starting a new school with my braces still on would be a bitch. But god am I nervous. I'm not nervous like "Omigod, I hope they like me! I hope I'm popular!", because frankly I couldn't give a shit about whether I'm popular there or not. It's more of a "Good lord, I'm starting a new school when I've gone to the same school since kindergarten" kind of nervous.

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Oh God. New obsession. [24 Jul 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Good lord what have I been missing? I just watched Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and hoooooly shit, I have just been subjected to some of the best eye candy I've ever seen. Diego Luna is the leading guy, and... wow. Just wow. I mean, I saw him on the commercials, but a glorious hour and a half subjected to his godliness is almost too much to handle. *drools* Screw Tom Felton or Daniel Radcliffe, they can go friggin poke their eyes out with their wands. Good God, that accent and that hair and GOOD LORD his dancing made me wanna jump up and rip my clothes off. Ughhh god tonight I won't be able to sleep. He is SO FINE! HOW DID HE GET THEME GENES?! Wow, I'm working myself up. Please rape me :) I would be much obliged, Diego. Oooooh god but that accent! Imagine him whispering sweet nothings in my ears... *dies*

Anyyyyways, I'll get off HIS LORD MAJESTY SEXINESS EYE CAAAANDYYYYYY for now. *ahem* Me, my dad, my mom, and Malynda (friend who's visiting) went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today. Wow it was good. *old person voice* That Michael Moore - what a card! *slaps knee* ... Ok no. But it was really awesome. It gave my mom the final push to definately say she's going to register and vote this year. Michael Moore is definately a genius. Gah some of the scenes in that movie with Bush talking... God it seemed like he should've had pigtails, been sucking a lollipop, twirling his hair, and talking about Brad Pitt... It was pitiful to see the president of the United States that idiotic. *shakes head*

Well um as a health update, I've stopped coughing as much, but this morning I threw up, and most of the day I've had a stomach ache :C But I'm getting better... But I'm also getting tired so I'm gonna go to bed.

peace, nat

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I Feel Dead [22 Jul 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Ugh I'm dying.  Please shoot me.  Put me out of my misery.  God ever since I got back from California I've had the worst cough and it's only gotten worse.  I never get coughs... ever!  I should have started my vocal classes again this week but I can't because every 10 seconds I go into a coughing fit... and I'm not exaggerating.  I can feel it deep in my lungs and it hurts so bad every time I cough.  Now this little spot on the left side of my ribcage is really starting to hurt.  I've got a headache because I feel like shit and because of these stupid coughing fits.  When I'm laying down it's even worse, because I start coughing and then like start choking and I have to sit up to stop.  And you know what puts the god damn icing on the cake?  My mom refuses to get me some cough medicine.  Are. You. Serious?!  My mother is so hell-bent on curing us all on only rainforest remedies that I have to suffer with this damn cough.  MOM:  I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE DOCTORS - JUST BUY ME SOME DAMN COUGH SYRUP!  Ughhhh.  And know one knows why I have this cough or where the hell it came from.  I've never gotten a cough in my life... MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG.  GAHHHH.  Just get me some damn medicine.  Then she's all pissed at me like I want to be coughing like this.  This morning I came walking up the stairs coughing as usual, and she just starts bitching to me about how she was kept up last night from my coughing and how I'm not doing anything to make it better.  God damn, if you don't like it get some fucking earplugs.  I'm the one who actually is KEPT UP coughing and like choking.  God.  Shoot me.

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Home Sweet Home [18 Jul 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | irritated ]

Ahh I'm so glad to finally be home. It was really fun, and I was glad to be there... But God 3 weeks is just too long. Woo when I got home I saw that 3 of my packages from Ebay came. My cell phone cover is soooo hot! lol. I love it. It was weird though, when I got home, now it's like the past 3 weeks didn't even happen. 0.o But bleh I'm so bored.

Ugh my mom and dad are all arguing upstairs because of some stupid thing my brothers did. God I hate that, it's like if they could just DO something once in a while other than go out and party or let their friends friggin like live at our house. I'm the one who stays at home, who gets straight A's, who never talks back, who never does anything, and then when Jeremy and Anthony piss Mom off, I have to pay for it. Then my mom pays them back for being jerks all the time by treating them like her little babies and giving them all the money in the world for shiny new cars and expensive new shoes and whatever fucking else they want. And they're so ungrateful and just go and piss her off again. Then she gets to take it out on me, the only one home, because Jeremy and Anthony just drive off. That's their solution to everything. Instead of fucking solving their problems, they just drive off. Ugh. Anyways, whatever. I'm not gonna think about it.

You know what irritates me? How all these rabid fan girls go around saying "OMG! Ashlee Simpson is such a good singer! She's sooo much better than her sister!" wtf? Am I like the only one who has any idea of what a talented singer sounds like? I mean, it's not that I don't like Ashlee Simpson... it's just that whole singing thing. Don't get me wrong, I think she's really pretty, and a great performer, and an awesome songwriter, but her singing isn't all that great. I mean, it's like... decent, but definately not great. You could find any 14-year-old across America who could sing as good - or better - than her. And as for Jessica... If she didn't do those stupid wispy things with her voice all the time she'd be really awesome. Ugh, sorry, had to rant...

peace, nat

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Ashland [13 Jul 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well I'm feeling a little better this morning, though my stomach was still feeling weird all night. :\ But me and my dad spent today in Ashland and it was fun. I checked out all the shops I missed last time we were there and I bought some stuff. We ate lunch at this awesome little place called Martino's. Ugh but we couldn't walk around for long because it was sooo hot. It was like 95 walking around in downtown Ashland. Ugh. Marcus where are you. You need to get online biotch. I'm so bored. But I'm like really hyper. It's one of those things where I just want to run outside in circles and scream really loud :D Oh yeah today on the way to Ashland we took a detour to this place called Kangaroo Lake and it was so neato. It was waaaayyyy high up in the hills in like a crater surrounded by all these cliffs and the water was warm :3 Well I didn't buy too much in Ashland today even though there were like 500 things I wanted to get. There were these red, black, and pink stripper boots and they were sooooooo cool. Too expensive. *sobs uncontrollably* But I did get these:

Very sexy ;D But of course they look much better on her than me, lol. I got them in bright obnoxious blue, lol.

Oh my god... I don't know if anyone from ML besides Marcus reads this... But Adam Frickey moved back! Ha if you don't know who that is you should. He went here in third grade and he was the coolest little 3rd-grader-skater-punk-kiddo ever! LMAO me and him were like fucking in love. I haven't seen him yet but Cortnee said he's like super hot. And a pot head. w00t, lmao. Wooooo I wanna get home so I can be all like super-sexyness-drama-queen "Oh, you don't remember me? Natale Szabo? Yeah, I knew you missed me." LMAO Woooooo I am so hyper.

peace, nat

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Oh god... [12 Jul 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Wow, great time for a revelation. There's only one and a half months of summer left. Then school starts. School starts in one and a half months. I start Cheney in one and a half months. I start a new school in one and a half months. I just went to the CMS website just to see when school started, and just going to that website made my stomach turn. You know, like the kind of turns it does when you're reeeeally nervous, or like right before you go down the huge drop off on a rollercoaster. I mean, I've thought about Cheney like every day, gone to the website to look at their classes and stuff, and all of a sudden, it hit me. Seven weeks. Seven weeks is nothing. And the worst thing is, I don't get nervous. Why am I getting nervous? I'm Natale Szabo, the person who talks to random strangers in a heartbeat. I'm the person who everyone looks to when they're too nervous to talk to that guy sitting in front of the Arby's. Oh god. My knees are shaking. How am I freaking out like this? I'm outgoing and loud and nowhere near shy. But I'm freaking out. Seven weeks is nothing. That's not enough time to get the "best new clothes" or lose 8 pounds or get a nice tan or do anything. That's not enough time for anything. Oh my god.

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Sleep... [12 Jul 2004|09:19am]
[ mood | complacent ]

Ugh I've been sleeping so weird for the last 3 nights. Every night it's leave contacts in, stay up super late, have no blankets on because it's too hot, wake up at like 5 am, pull on 6 blankets because now I'm freezing, fall asleep, wake up for half an hour and talk in my half awake state of consciousness, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep until 12:30, then finally get up. Ughhh... *twitches eye* And my contacts are all sticking to my eye now.

I need clothes. In the last few days I've gone on a buying rampage buying like 50 things from Ebay and other online stores. I need moooore. I need some Ecko Atomix. And some K Swiss. And some Juicy Couture. And some Louis Vuitton. Aghhhhh I NEED more clothes o.0 I'm going crazy -.-;; Aaanyways, I found this dude on Ebay who has like 500 vintage tees for sale for like $1-$10 apiece. He is my new best friend. I should stop talking about clothes. I'm boring you all.

The end of my vacation is growing nearer. The only thing I'm excited about is being able to get out of the house and hang out with Cassie and Niki and Cortnee. God bless their souls. The one thing is though, once I'm back at home, people have phone access to me. Ugh. Unvoluntary phone access sucks. I will just stay faaaar away from anyone who wants to talk shit about me about what I did or didn't do. But as far as I'm concerned, as long as they aren't bothering me, I could care less. People are gonna think whatever they want no matter what. So if it makes them happy, they can go around thinking and talking about whatever they want about me. Just remember: Karma my good friends, karma.

peace, nat

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Ebay Wins [10 Jul 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Well I won two things off of Ebay today... Well actually I won the bag like 2 days ago, but I won the pants today. Check em out: Dickies pants and bag. Sweeet. I'm also bidding on a lot of 4 t-shirts from PacSun and some orange Chuck Taylors, but those don't end until tomorrow.

I went and sat outside and attempted to tan today, but the only thing that ever tans on me is my arms. AND the position I was sitting in made it so now one of my arms is considerably darker than the other. -_-;; One more week here in CA. We leave like exactly a week from today... Hopefully I can convince my dad to let us stay in Portland or Seattle for a night on our way back. I have money and it needs to be spent.

Heh I took a quiz for what character I am from My So-Called Life. Does anyone watch that show? It played during the mid 90's, and now they're playing it on the sattelite channel The N. Well aaanyways, it's a good show but I'm probably the only one who watches it :P Anyways this is what I got:

peace, nat

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Questions [10 Jul 2004|09:42am]
[ mood | restless ]

1. Nat
2. Szabo
3. Lobby (heh)

1. my hair
2. my hips
3. my eyes

1. my feet
2. how I'm always so loud
3. my stomach

1. how is it that you always get your period on vacation or weekends?
2. how some people can be so closeminded
3. how people spend months in preparation for Christmas, just to have 1 hour of opening presents in your pajamas

1. when you say your oppinion, and someone says "no" or "that's wrong"
2. when people touch my stuff
3. that Eamon guy

1. being alone
2. closets, big cabinets, etc.
3. deep water

1. shower
2. check email
3. taking the dogs out

1. Suicidal Tendencies
2. Tupac
3. Christina Aguilera

1. "Leave" Jojo
2. "Jesus Walks" Kanye West
3. "Shorty Wanna Be a Thug" Tupac

1. Cortnee
2. My dad
3. Anyone around ML

1. watch sports on TV
2. get a B without freaking out
3. listen to Country

1. singing
2. video games
3. my website

1. the red Ecko Atomix shoes
2. a pair green Juicy Couture terry sweatpants
3. a slider phone

1. performer
2. designer
3. teacher

1. green
2. orange
3. yellow

1. Belise
2. Banff, Canada
3. Laguna Beach, CA

1. woke up
2. found out my flip-flops have been chewed apart
3. ate breakfast

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Aah, nothingness... [09 Jul 2004|04:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hola who ever is bored enough to be reading this. Let's see... What have the last two days consisted of for me... Driving to Burney... Watching Something's Gotta Give and falling asleep 45 minutes into it... Waking up and not remembering where I was... Killing 7 mosquitos... Sitting on Ebay all day bidding on stuff... Checking out the websites of my favorite brands to figure out what school clothes I'm going to buy... Isn't my life fun? Oh yeah, and I had a piece of pie. Go me. Hmmmm what to speak of... Oh, I know.

You know what's interesting? How when I first told everyone I was transferring to Cheney, everyone kept telling me how fucked up Cheney is and how stupid it is. Now, all of a sudden, like a whole bunch of those same people are saying, "Like, omigah! You are so0o0o0o lucky you're like going to CMS! I totally wanna go there too! It's like so00o0o0o0 pimptastic! OMG! Maybe I'll go there too!!! LOLZ OMG!" STABSTABDIEBITCHDIE Ughhh that is so annoying. Next time I go somewhere I'm not telling anybody. Because then the things I'm trying to get away from just end up following me there.

Well anyways, onto the Friday Five...

1. What candy is sitting on your desk (or closest to you) right now?
German Marzipan *drools on keyboard*

2. What was your favorite candy as a child, and why?
I used to love Twix... Now they're weird.

3. What is your least favorite type of candy?
Three Musketeers

4. Name a candy that brings up a vivid memory and describe the memory.
Dark Chocolate... My mom used to keep a bunch of dark chocolate bars hidden in her room and me and my brother used to go on spy missions to find them, heh.

5. If you *were* a piece of candy, what candy would you be, and why?
I'd be a Hershey's bar, because they get to be on TV a lot :D

peace, nat

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Hehe... [07 Jul 2004|05:52pm]
Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameSleep Apnea Woman
Super PowerIrresistable Sexuality
EnemyMichael Jackson
Mode Of TransportationMotorcycle
WeaponBeer Bottle
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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